The PPGCOM's focuses on Communication and Contemporary Sociability, emphasizing the interest in the relational dimension of communication, giving attention to its material, symbolic, and social components, from an interactional perspective. It presents three lines of research: Communicative Processes and Social Practices; Image Pragmatics; Mediatic Textualities.

The Program qualifies teachers and researchers to work at higher education institutions.

The PPGCOM's internationalization process relies on the establishment of partnerships and exchange lines, putting effort into building networks of researchers around common concerns and interests, articulating research and training. International cooperation has resulted in concrete products involving teachers and students: international events in Brazil and abroad; Publication of books, chapters, and articles in foreign periodicals; Short courses, in addition to the usual and growing practice of the teacher-student exchange.

In terms of Social Inclusion, the program maintains a long tradition of articulating research activities with extension actions, through a variety of programs and projects, which receive intense student participation and contribute both to a greater expansion of the PPGCOM's impact and articulation with other areas of knowledge and with the University's internal and external audiences.

The Program's strong suit involves developing interfaces between research and extension, which impacts on the social insertion and visibility of our production. These extension actions are a two-way street, as the research developed by PPGCOM and the various sectors of social life benefit one another.

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